MCTC exists to provide support to a range of clients who are unable to access the help they need through the social care system, or are unable to afford to access care independently. The range of care and support offered is extensive and relies on a group of fully professional volunteer counsellors.

Our offer to heal extends across a range of counselling including support for clients experiencing stress, anxiety/depression, bereavement, addiction, abuse, self-harm, suicidal tendencies and many more services.

Our counselling is professional, confidential, accessible and we seek to take you to a point of confidence and independence. We are not driven by how many appointments you are allowed but more by how many you need. We seek to help the person, not administer a case.

MCTC is a registered charity in England and Wales (number 1141804) and registered as a company in England and Wales (number 7560839).


A big thank you from all at MCTC to all those who abseiled in the wind and the rain for us on 10 August. We look to have raised nearly £4,000 and the total is still climbing.

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