Working as a Therapist at MCTC

 Where Clients Always Come First

We are seeking new therapists to meet the ever-increasing demand for our service.

We have a broad client base including referrals from all local NHS departments (GPs, Liaison Psychiatry, MH teams etc), self-referrals, staff support for local organisations. We are currently extending our reach still further into local schools as part of a National Lottery funded project and we are planning to grow our online service in the coming months.

We are looking for therapists who would be interested to work in any, or all of these areas.

We offer more as a charity:

  • MCTC therapists are fully qualified and either accredited by BACP or UKCP OR actively working towards their accreditation.
  • MCTC Therapists work flexibly and can choose their own days and times of work – subject to availability of rooms.
  • Sessions are 90 minutes in length, facilitating work at relational depth for each and every client
  • At MCTC we do not limit the number of sessions available to any individual. Again, this enables ongoing work at a deep level and allow us to support people for as long as they need us.
  • MCTC offers robust suicide prevention care which has resulted in a 0% suicide rate over more than 8 years.
  • MCTC offers a relaxed, non-clinical environment where people can feel at ease from the moment they arrive.
  • Most MCTC therapists work part time at the Centre and all are self-employed, sessional workers who offer their time and skills at relatively low cost (£20.00 per completed session and £5.00 per DNA or late cancellation) because of their belief in the MCTC ethos and values – see below*

*This is what some of our current therapists say about working at MCTC

‘I appreciate working for a small organisation where the ethos is to provide counselling at a cost that individuals can afford for as long as is needed. Long or short-term work is carried out at the counsellor’s discretion in a homely environment with lovely counselling rooms.’

‘Working at MCTC ticks some important boxes for me – as a workplace it feels cosy and home-like, small enough to know everyone. More importantly I feel the ability to build a relationship with clients over a long time leads to a job satisfaction I wouldn’t get elsewhere. Working at this depth has led to some pivotal sessions where profound change has been achieved with a client, it’s a joy to be part of that.’

‘As a counsellor who was new to the area, I wanted to find a centre that put client needs at the heart of its work.  These are not just words.  Having read an article about the target driven culture of IAPT in Therapy Today, it is a breath of fresh air to work as a counsellor that values inclusion rather than exclusion. So, people can access the centre regardless of ability to pay and do not have to wait months to be seen.  There are no exclusion criteria unless counselling is not appropriate right now.   There is no time limit so you can contract as is appropriate to client needs.’

As a self -employed counsellor, it is also important to me to be part of a collective culture of counsellors that values mutual support and ongoing learning and development.’

‘MCTC is place where I feel actively supported to work in the manner I always aspired to.’

If you would like an informal chat on joining us, more information, or an application form, please get in touch. Ring us on 0151 639 0400, or email

Interviews w/c 24.05.19