‘I’ve only had a few sessions and feel I have made a breakthrough already’.

May 2019

‘I am writing to express my appreciation of the counselling that MCTC gave me after the death of my wife.
My counsellor gave me great support and after several sessions I found that I could put my feelings into a context that I could begin to understand, From session to session she helped me with gentleness and empathy to see a way through raw grief to a place where I could live with a much more settled mind and, for that, I am truly grateful. Whilst there will never be any end to my love for my wife, I have learned, from my time with my therapist, that my life still has the promise for purpose and happiness. May I thank you all once again.’

March 2018

‘My consultant psychiatrist gave me your card and said MCTC was the best therapy centre in the country’

March 2018

‘Feedback from my son is positive. Reports he gets a lot from the sessions, relief he is able to off load after many years of internalising.
He speaks highly of his therapist, finding her easy to talk to, trust & professional. Thank you.’

October 2017

‘I’m really happy with the progress I’ve started to make with my therapist. She’s really helping me. Thank you for being patient with me at the start. I think I still have a long way to go but I’m confident that with my therapist’s help and guidance I’ll get there quickly’.

September 2017

‘I’ve been coming to MCTC for 9½ months now, give or take and want to say how much I appreciate the opportunity the Centre has given me to try to get things better in my head with your hard work and effort in the running of the centre. The colour matching handwashes are a personal favourite!
Without the centre I doubt I would be here today.
With MCTC, you have a ‘dedicated’ counsellor who you will see for hopefully all of your time with MCTC. That is so important as you need to build up a relationship with them, a trust, a rapport. I haven’t had that elsewhere. Also, I feel the surroundings are important. In my opinion as well as your counsellor being open, non-judgemental etc etc you have got to feel relaxed and comfortable. I definitely feel that at MCTC which is such a welcoming and, hopefully, fulfilling place for people to come.

October 2016

‘Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre provides a vital service for vulnerable people’.

May 2016

‘A calm welcoming place – not without challenge’

Living Mindfully at MCTC – July 2016

Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre has been a great asset to the community since its inception. Offering low cost and no cost therapy to people in Merseyside and beyond, they impose no limit on the number of sessions available to any individual. Their waiting list is minimal and they offer round the clock suicide care to anyone with suicidal ideations or feelings. In addition, they run a programme of training and workshops and groups for disadvantaged groups in the community, notably carers.
Having begun with only two therapists, the charity has now moved to larger premises and, with increased capacity, currently has 10 therapists working at the Centre, including a dedicated art therapist.
Since the move in January 2015, they have conducted over 1500 therapy sessions and I understand that there are plans for further expansion.
As MP for Birkenhead, I am constantly made aware of the need for talking therapies and of the lack of them in what is one of the most deprived areas of the country.
MCTC is a truly philanthropic organisation operating on the smallest of budgets.
I strongly support MCTC and all the important work they do.

The Right Honourable Frank Field MP, Patron of MCTC
February 2016

‘This time last year, I was in the midst of the most dangerous bout of depression I’ve encountered since my 20’s. Depression for me is a genetic / familial issue, that’s predisposed me to some horrible situations, and I’ve been battling mental illness in various forms since I was 19. Despite my wonderful wife, life and friends, and all my years of medication, training, therapy, and self-help tools, I sank to the pits of the earth, and was planning to end my own life. On top of this, had a horrendous time physically with an extended time in hospital all in a few months.
While pharmaceutical psychiatric drugs were some help, I desperately needed some counselling, and some help understanding the life-long issues, and repeating patterns in my anxiety, depression and paranoid episodes – Just someone to tell me that it was going to be ok again, one day.
Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre is a charity providing judgement-free support, guidance and counselling for anyone in need. I found these guys at my lowest, and do not know where I would be (or not) today, without the help I’ve had to date.’

April 2016

I have been deeply impressed by the work the therapists at MCTC offer and have also been inspired by their policy of offering their services to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.
MCTC is based on the firm belief that people who are suffering from the effects of bereavement, family breakdown, suicidal episodes and all manner of distress and depression can have access to first class therapy and support no matter what their financial circumstances. The staff at MCTC are remarkably generous.I have witnessed at first hand how the clients and their welfare are central to all that MCTC does. MCTC offers an invaluable service to the local population – and at a time when the strains of living through the acute financial downturn and all the attendant problems of unemployment, uncertainty and family stress mean that MCTC is needed now more than ever.’

Miriam de Lacy – 2016