Therapy is defined as ‘the art of healing’ (Oxford Dictionary of Etymology) and at MCTC, that is what we aim to offer – an opportunity for deep interior healing where anxiety, depression, stress, anger, despair and psychiatric diagnoses are all seen as symptoms of a deeper hurt. It is at this deeper level that MCTC Therapists aim to work with people to help them to live fuller and more fulfilled lives.

Many people first approach counselling or psychotherapy at a time of crisis or break-down in their lives, and are helped to manage that crisis and perhaps to transform the break-down into a break-through.

Sometimes the crisis is connected to something that has happened recently – perhaps an accident, the death of a loved one, illness or the loss of a job or relationship. People who have suffered any of these can find help and healing through counselling.

Often, a problem lies deeper and is rooted further back in a person’s history, perhaps as far back as their early childhood, birth or even conception. These deeper difficulties or traumas may manifest in adult life as anxiety, depression, stress or other neuroses or psychoses. People who experience this kind of disconnection with themselves and life can also find healing and through skilled psycho-spiritual therapy.

Some people begin the process of therapy from a place of crisis and then as they move through that phase, use the therapy as a way of continuing to develop and deepen their interior journey.


Research shows that nearly all methods, modalities and ways of therapeutic working are about equally effective in terms of outcomes for Clients – The single element that significantly improves outcomes is the quality of the relationship between Therapist and Client. All MCTC Therapists work in a warm and open way to help each Client to feel as comfortable as possible as they begin to explore both their difficulties and their deeper self.

MCTC Therapists work from a Holistic, Humanistic and Integrative base recognising the unique nature of each individual with their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual attributes and needs. Within that framework, MCTC Therapists are qualified and experienced in a variety of different models and modalities of counselling – some you may be familiar with, others perhaps less so eg, Person Centred, Gestalt, Mindfulness, Psychosynthesis, CBT, Process Oriented Psychotherapy, Art Therapy and many more. Our Therapists may specialise in one or more of these or other modalities and will tailor the way they work to each individual and their unique needs.

If you have a query about a particular way of working, you can ask prior to or at your assessment or at any time during your therapy.

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