Booking an Assessment

What Is An Assessment?


An assessment is a relatively short session, up to one hour, during which you will meet with one of our most experienced therapists who will tell you about how we work at the Centre and what to expect from therapy and will take some details from you about your general health, medication, family background, times when you are available and what may be happening in your life to bring you to counselling at this time.

How Long Will I Have To Wait?


Depending on their own availability and demand at any given time, most Clients are offered an assessment appointment within 1-6 weeks of their initial contact with the Centre.

What Happens After Assessment?


After assessment, your details will be entered into our system and we will contact you as soon as possible when we have an appointment available for you. We always try to allocate a therapist to you who will be best able to work with you and your particular issues so and this sometimes, takes a little time.

Other factors affecting your waiting time include your own availability and the fact that we do not limit the number of sessions available to any individual. That means that we cannot always predict when people are going to finish their therapy and therefore when new people can start.

We are still a relatively small organisation, so please be patient with us and be assured that we are always working to reduce waiting times

Will I Have to Pay?


  • MCTC is a registered charity and we believe that our services should be available to all – those who can afford to pay and those who cannot. The standard cost of a full therapy session £70.00 and we ask that clients, who are able to do so, make a contribution to that cost, according to their financial circumstances at the time.

  • Due to a shortage of funding, as from 01.01.17, we are now asking all clients to contribute at least £10.00 per session. We are also now making a charge of £20.00 for all assessment appointments. If this is genuinely beyond your means, please talk to us.

  • If you are thinking about an amount that you might like to contribute towards the cost of your therapy, it may be helpful to think of it in terms of it being both affordable and, importantly, sustainable for you in your current financial circumstances. If your circumstances change during the course of your therapy, you can tell your therapist and change the amount that you contribute



My First Appointment My Subsequent Appointments
What Will Happen At My First Appointment With My Therapist?

Your first appointment is an introductory time – a time for you and your Therapist to get to know each other and for you to ‘feel your way’ into this new relationship. Your Therapist will confirm some of the details that you have given on your assessment and check whether anything has changed and then will listen to you and whatever you bring to the session.

What Happens After My First Appointment?

  • After your first appointment, your therapist will confirm the time and date of your next appointments which will usually be at the same time each week.
  • All therapy at MCTC is open-ended – this means that there is no set number of sessions and your Therapist will continue to see you for as long as you need.



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