MCTC is a registered charity it’s purpose is to help those in need irrespective of their ability to pay. We focus on need and helping the individual regain their inner strength to cope moving forward.

Therapy costs money, but because we use volunteers and people give of their time our running costs are low, but we still have to pay for our building, rates, heating, maintenance costs and so on.

The demand for our services has never been greater, particularly as other support services for individuals are curtailed.

We rely heavily on the people who support MCTC. You can help in many ways (and you can see some of our current activities here):

MCTC Calendars and Christmas CardsSubmit a design for an MCTC Christmas Card or a Calendar Month.

Buy your Christmas Cards from MCTC.


Organise a fundraising activity, do a sponsored activity in aid of MCTC.

Word of Mouth

Tell others about MCTC’S work. Pass on information about our events and activities. Word of Mouth is the single most effective form of publicity.

Follow us and Share our News

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and find our news in our blog.

A Wing and a Prayer

Remember MCTC in your Prayers and Good Thoughts, whatever your faith, non-faith or spiritual tradition, – it’s how we started and the only plausible explanation for how we are still up and running!


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