In collaboration with Dublin and Castlebar Counselling and Therapy Centres, MCTC offers this part time course in Foundation Skills in Psychotherapy and Counselling comprising

70 hours of training in Interpersonal Helping Skills

The course is suitable for:

  • Anyone interested in pursuing their own interior journey
  • Anyone wishing to develop their listening and helping skills
  • People in caring professions – social workers, nurses, carers, doctors, ……
  • Those who hold pastoral roles – teachers, managers, chaplains, HR professionals, youth workers……
  • Ministers, priests and people living in religious communities….
  • Leaders of organisations or communities…..
  • Anyone who may be considering further training in counselling or psychotherapy.

The course has a strong emphasis on experiential work & especially on enabling participants to develop their own interior, personal sense of meaning. Many people have a fairly clear sense of their purpose in life and this can be mistaken for a sense of meaning. Meaning is different from purpose in that it comes from a person’s interior sense of themselves in the world without reference to others. Having a strong sense of meaning can enable us to operate in the world & to reach out to others without being ‘worn down’ or exhausted by the demands or expectations.

Participants attending at least 80% of the course INCLUDING The Spiritual Journey Day will be awarded MCTC’s Certificate of Attendance.


Course Modules include:

  • The Interior Journey
  • Process and Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • The Dynamic Life Cycle of Personal Development
  • Counselling, Psychotherapy & Psychiatry – The Biochemical, Personal & Transpersonal Experience of Life
  • Counselling Skills – The Process of Attention: Listening and Looking
  • Basic Dimensions of Effective Counselling
  • Counselling Skills – Macro Skills
  • The Professional Healing/Therapeutic Relationship
  • The Process of Empathy
  • Counselling Skills – Micro Skills – fine tuning
  • Managing the Counselling/Therapeutic Interview
  • Group Process – Guided Reflection on Awareness of Depth of Spirit within Self and Others
  • Assessment and Reassessment in Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • The Process of Change – Integration of Material released in Therapy
  • Ethical Issues in Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • The Encounter with Depression
  • Projection and Transference in the Helping Relationship
  • The Experience of Shock and Trauma
  • Loss and Grief
  • Sexuality
  • Relationship Counselling
  • The Spiritual Journey (Full day)

Course Programme


Application Form

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