If you are …

Stressed, Anxious, Tense, Busy, Suffering from Depression or any form of mental illness or want to deepen your interior life


Mindfulness is simply the practice of

being present in the present moment

something that we can so easily lose touch with in our busy lives or when we are upset or distressed for any reason.

MCTC can offer an 8 week course covering 8 aspects of MINDFULNESS

  • Mindfulness of the BREATH
  • Mindfulness of the WHOLE BODY
  • Mindfulness of THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS
  • Mindfulness of the EYES
  • Mindfulness of the EARS
  • Mindfulness of the VOICE
  • Mindfulness in the SENSE OF TOUCH
  • Mindful EATING

Although the course will build week on week as we learn and practice different techniques of mindfulness, it is also possible to attend any individual session.


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