This 30 hour course aims to help equip people with the basic skills for supporting those who are suffering because of bereavement, either recently or from the past.

It will be helpful for anyone who finds them supporting bereaved people amongst their family and friends or in a semi- or fully professional capacity as a support worker, volunteer, pastoral carer etc

The focus throughout the course will be firmly on the interior processes of those attending the course – We have to discover and hold an awareness of our own experiences of loss and grief before we are able to be in any way effective in holding anyone else. Therefore, you should be prepared to engage with and share some of your own experience with the group.

In each session, we will focus on different aspects of our own lives and experiences of loss as well as practising active listening.



  • The Components of a Whole Human Person
  • Our Own Experience of Loss
  • What Poor Listening Looks and Feels Like
  • Listening Practice
  • Personal Loss Lifeline
  • Feelings about our own death
  • 5 Levels of Listening
  • Frank Lake’s Dynamic Cycle
  • Aiming for Level 3 Listening
  • Erikson’s Life Stages
  • The Work of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross – Stages of Grief – Survivor Guilt
  • Trauma/Shock –
  • Death by Violence, Suicide, Abortion, Still-Birth etc, Death of a Child
  • Sympathy v Empathy
  • How to be Grounded and to Help Another to be Grounded
  • Projection and Transference
  • Ongoing Relationships with those who have Died –
  • Making a different kind of space for them in our lives
  • Self-Care
  • Endings

Participants completing 80% of the course will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Contact the office for more information.

Application Form

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