Art therapy can offer help with emotional problems such as anxiety, stress, loss and change. It is a form of psychotherapy that uses a mix of art and words as the focus of each session. The artwork is not interpreted or judged by the art therapist. You do not need to be ‘good at art’. Art therapy can help you to make positive changes in your life and help to develop confidence, awareness and self- esteem.

Why Use Art?


Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about feelings, perhaps the right words cannot be found or words may not seem to be enough. Communicating through art may, at times, seem easier. The art therapist will help you to understand your art and any feelings noticed, in a safe and private space. You may be encouraged to work further on issues in the artwork, or in another way such as talking about the feelings to help you to express them safely.


Why use Art

Who is it For?


This is a confidential service for children, young people and adults. To make an appointment you can telephone, email or visit MCTC (details are on the back of this leaflet). The therapist will be happy to talk with you about art therapy and may offer a taster session to help you to make a decision about coming for art therapy. You can also email. If you want your doctor, another professional, or a relative to contact us for you, that is ok. Once contacted, we will arrange an assessment appointment with you. Individual and group art therapy sessions are available and this will be discussed with you during the first meeting.

Who is it for

What will we be Doing?


Sessions last between 50 and 90 minutes.

You can choose what to make or do. Your art will be kept safe in your own individual folder that you can either leave or take with you when you finish therapy. The therapist will not show your artwork or share what was said in the sessions unless she feels that you are at risk from harm or someone else is at risk. This will be discussed with you at the beginning if you agree to art therapy. You can change your mind and end sessions at any time, even if you have started art therapy.

What will we be doing


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