A Christmas Catch Up and Lots of ‘Thank Yous’ From MCTC

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So, as the year draws to a close and people greet each other with cards and gifts, we would like all our friends and supporters to know just how much your support means to us here at MCTC. It is only because of your support that we have achieved so much, not only during 2018 but since the inception of MCTC nearly eight years ago – but we’ll focus on 2018 for now.

In many ways, this has been a watershed year of growth and development for the Centre and one in which we have formed a number of new relationships and partnerships as well as continuing with our already established ones. It’s also been a year of new projects.




Back in January, MCTC joined the Business Networking International (BNI) and met a wide variety of business people who have supported the work of the Centre in various ways – eg repair and maintenance work, fund raising, advice and consultancy and regular giving. Unfortunately, after six months, we were unable to fulfil all the requirements of being a member of BNI but, even so, one of the members joined us for the Liverpool Cathedral Abseil (see below) and raised over £700.00 for MCTC. Thank you BNI!


In June, MCTC was delighted and proud to be adopted as the Charity of Choice for Exchange Chambers, an award-winning, full service set of barristers’ chambers in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, with a proven track record in all major areas of law. Exchange Chambers is one of the largest and most well-resourced Chambers in England and Wales.

Already, the barristers and staff have raised approximately £20,000.00 for MCTC as well as affording us opportunities to meet and form new relationships with other potential partners and supporters.

A HUGE Thank You goes to all at Exchange Chambers who have contributed to this in so many ways.


 In 2016, LJMU chose MCTC as one of its four corporate charities and during this year, we have grown and developed our relationship with the university, attending many events, getting to know their student support and HR departments and offering support services for LJMU staff.

LJMU also provided two interns who worked for MCTC for four weeks providing video service and art work for the organisation.


2018 has seen MCTC develop stronger links with Claire House Children’s Hospice where we are now able to support their staff in their incredibly challenging work.


MCTC has already begun work in two Wirral schools and we are in discussions with others as we move forward with our Supporting Each of Our Children project (see below).


After nearly two years of bid writing and conversations with the Big Lottery Fund, we finally heard that we had been successful in our application for funding for our schools project, ‘Supporting Each of Our Children’. This is an ambitious project reaching out to children in both primary and secondary schools and also to their parents/carers and teachers. The project has a broad remit which includes one to one counselling for children, play therapy and art therapy as well as group work, teaching techniques for anxiety and anger management, supporting teachers who are often over stretched and challenged by the demands of their job and supporting parents and carers with parenting classes, drop in chat forums and more. The idea is that this is a very flexible, wrap around care project that will meet the unique needs of individual schools and of individuals and groups within those schools.

Another exciting element of the project is that it enables us to develop our back garden area into a tranquil place for both adults and children to relax, learn, play and feel safe.

This should be completed by the end of summer 2019.



At MCTC, as with all charities, raising funds to enable us to continue offering a low cost and sometimes no cost, fully professional counselling service, is something we always need to focus on and this year has been no exception.


This year, several of our supporters took part in the Wirral Coastal Walk, raising approximately £2.5K.


And for the first time, eight people abseiled down the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool raising over £5K for MCTC. For 2019, we have reserved 20 places for this event so if you’d like to have a go, let us know!


MCTC were delighted to attend Exchange Chambers’ Charity Ball in November. This included an amazing bottle tombola and an auction of the most generous of donations and gifts including a trip to Las Vegas and a week in a French chateau. During the evening, we were also able to show a poignant video adaptation, created by Andy Duggan (LJMU Intern), of an anonymous testimonial from an MCTC client. If you want to know why we do what we do, this is worth a watch.


One other auction prize at the Ball was a £250 John Lewis voucher which was won in the auction by Stephen Lickrish of Stephen Lickrish and Associates solicitors who very kindly donated it back to MCTC. So now it has been the Star Prize in our Christmas Raffle and thus earned another £300.00 or so for MCTC!



 As many of you know, in June, I was nominated for this award and won the Women in Business award for Social Impact. I am hugely proud of this because MCTC really has made a significant impact in the Wirral and Merseyside. Our work is recognised by all the local NHS mental health services, probation services, schools, hospitals and many other organisations and individuals and that is only because our therapists provide and amazing professional service within an ethos where the clients always come first (regardless of their ability to pay) and the highest professional and ethical standards are adhered to. Although the award bears my name, I received it on behalf of our dedicated, hard-working team.


During 2018, we have said goodbye to Therapists Christina, Jan, Jo and Teresa – We have valued all their work and contributions to the Centre and it was with a heavy heart that we let each of them go. That said, of course they go wih our heartfelt thanks and our best wishes for their own continuing journeys.

And we have been joined by New Therapists, Chris, Ellen, Julie, Lorna, Mary, Nick, Sue and Trevor. We welcome each of them to our growing team and look forward to working together into the future.

As I said, 2018 has been a year of growth for our organisation, so much so that we are now looking to spread the workload by appointing an office manager and fundraiser in the year ahead.

Finally, I know that our entire team will want to join with me in acknowledging the enormous amount of quiet but vital support that Mandy gives to each and all of us and to the Centre as a whole. Mandy opens up the building each morning, prepares the rooms, makes sure the Centre is always clean, warm and tidy, raises funds for us, books clients in for assessments, takes calls, manages the banking, locks up at night and generally does all the things that keep the Centre running efficiently from day to day. Thank you SO much Mandy!



 Do Join us if you can for these events


Sunday 23rd June


Saturday 10th August


And now, a final Thank You to all our wonderful MCTC Friends and Supporters.

Thank you for believing in MCTC.

Thank You for being part of our MCTC community.

Thank You for all your support, whether that is financial, practical or consists of your good will, good wishes and prayers.

We value each and every one of you and wish you and your families a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a PEACEFUL and FRUITFUL NEW YEAR – whatever it may bring to our country and our communities.

PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE. 

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MCTC Christmas Raffle

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Welcome to the Festive Season again!

As many of you know, at MCTC, we have a monthly raffle with a variety of prizes donated by our friends and supporters and all proceeds go directly to support the work of the Centre.

This Christmas, we have a spectacular star prize of a £250.00 John Lewis Voucher donated by Steve Lickrish from Stephen Lickrish and Associates Solicitors as well as other Christmas prizes.

Tickets are £1.00 each and will be available from the Centre from 1st December.

If you can’t get to the Centre, just let us know how many you would like and we will reserve them for you and arrange payment with you.


The raffle will be drawn on Friday 21st December and Prizes may be collected from the Centre or posted by arrangement.


PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE.

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Making a Will – Helping MCTC


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Often making a will is one of those things we are reluctant to think about or make time to sort out. Maybe this is partly because it makes us think about the reality of dying, having to say goodbye and letting go and maybe there is also be something about having to make decisions;

  • What do I do with things that have meant something to me?
  • What is the right way to apportion my assets and estate?
  • What should I leave to whom?

These can be hard decisions and choices, even painful ones. But it is an important process which your family and friends will appreciate as it will save them a lot of work and heart-ache when you are no longer here to make those decisions.

Maybe you have thought about it in the past and made a will several, or even many, years ago. And maybe it needs reviewing or revising -because things change and life changes … and it can be hard to think about that too.

Making a will can also be a statement of what was important to you in your life and a final chance to say, ‘Thank you’, whether that is to an individual or to an organisation that has helped you or has reflected your values.

Making a final gift to them can help them to continue their valuable work.

So, if now is the right time for you to make your will, here’s a way to make it easy.

Gina at WillWritten is offering a 30% discount to MCTC supporters to draft your will if you are willing to leave a gift to Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre.

Gina can also advise on Wills Planning and Storage, Estate Planning, Lasting Power of Attorney, Inheritance Tax, Long Term Care and more.

Just contact Gina and let her know that you are an MCTC supporter and she will make the whole process as easy as possible for you.


0151 601 5399

PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE. 

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Wirral Coastal Walk 2018

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Sunday 24th June


Help raise funds for MCTC by joining us for a fabulous 15 mile walk by the sea

We are hoping to have 40 MCTC walkers this year!!

Go to our JustGiving page get signed up today and then start getting sponsors.

Then you can encourage, cajole, bribe and coerce your friends, family and colleagues into joining you.

You also need to sign up on the Wirral Coastal Walk page and download and print off a form so that it can be stamped on the day.

And, if you can’t join us, maybe you could sponsor one of our walkers.

Thank you

PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE. 

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Merseyside Women of the Year

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This is an unusual and feels a slightly awkward post to be writing but I’ve been nominated and reached the finals of Merseyside Women of the Year Awards and now it’s all down to votes.

Could I prevail upon you to take a few seconds to vote for me?

Actually, I don’t really see it as a vote for me so much as a vote for Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre and the MCTC community, including therapists, volunteers, those who use our services and those who support us to provide ongoing high standards of fully professional counselling and psychotherapy for anyone in need, regardless of ability to pay. Over the last seven years, the Centre has provided thousands of hours of counselling to those in needs and saved many lives – see Jack’s Story.

Voting is open until 8th June

This is a great opportunity to raise MCTC’s profile and to move forward in our quest for sponsorship and support.

Thanks so much, here’s the link

Finally, could I ask you to do one more thing for MCTC?…

Forward this on amongst your contacts – family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, someone you met at the bus stop…

This is the key to winning the vote – I may know 500 people but each of you knows another 500 and so it goes on…

Thanks so much


PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE.

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Egremont Festival

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MCTC is taking a stall at the wonderful Egremont Festival again this year.

Date: Sunday 30th July

Following the success of last year’s Teddy Tombola, we thought we would develop the theme so this year, we have taken a double pitch and we are running 2 Tombolas – one for adults and one for children.

There will be 100 fabulous prizes to be won on each Tombola.


Well, there are 4 ways:

  1. Come and join us for an hour or two on the stall.We will need at least 2 people on each Tombola throughout the day – one to sell the tickets and at least one other to find the prizes.


  1. We are looking for at least one MEGA-PRIZE for each Tombola – A Huge Teddy, Food or Goodies Hamper (no alcohol), Large Box of Chocolates or Sweets, Presentation Box of Luxury Toiletries, Vouchers for Restaurants, Theatres, Experiences, Spa Days etc, anything more unusual or imaginative that we haven’t thought of yet…


  1. Donate smaller prizes for either Tombola – donations can be left at the Centre up until Friday 14th July.


  1. Come along on the day and visit us. Have a go on the Tombolas and bring moral support!!


If you can help with any of this, please let us know as soon as possible – We would SO love to hear from you.

We’d love to meet more of you so come and join us and meet the rest of the team.



PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE.

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Wirral Coastal Walk

See our Crowdfunding campaign


Just wanted to take this opportunity to update you all and say a HUGE THANK YOU for all your support for this event.



  • The 9 Walkers
  • All the Sponsors
  • And all the Supporters and Encouragers

You all helped to raise well over £4,000.00


Roll on next year…

Start thinking about joining us now and let’s try for 20+ walkers next year – Yes???

PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE.

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Walkers Needed!!

See our Crowdfunding campaign

To Walk the Wirral Coastal Walk



On Sunday 18th June

Hello Everyone!

We know a lot of you are keen walkers and that some of you would like to be a little keener than you are, so …

Here’s an opportunity for all …

Challenge yourself to walk all or part of the Wirral Coastal Walk and raise desperately needed funds for MCTC.

Here’s why:

  • The need for our services is growing all the time and, at present, we can’t keep up with demand.
  • Each counselling session we provide costs MCTC at least £15.00.
  • We are currently providing around 70 sessions per week.
  • Whilst we have capacity for at least double that, we do not have the funds.
  • We are also providing 24/7 suicide prevention care for all of our clients who have any suicidal thoughts or feelings.

Please would you join us on the walk and contribute to our crowdfunding campaign, PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE.

Last year we raised an impressive £5K. How about helping us to double that…

If you would like to join us, just go to our PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE campaign, and click on Start Fundraising.

Add your story and some pictures (people love pictures!!) and then share it on your social media, send emails to all your contacts, tell your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues – in fact, everyone you have ever met!!

And then watch your donations roll in.


If you can’t, perhaps you would consider

  • Donating to the campaign
  • Sharing this, especially the link, with all your contacts
  • Raising funds in other ways (see the other campaigns within the main page (Coffee/alcohol abstention, cycling Lejog.. .free your imagination!)

Thank you so much.

Anything you can do to support MCTC is very much appreciated by all the team and especially by those who need our help.

PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE.

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Walk For MCTC’s ‘Pain is Real But so is Hope’ Campaign

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Sunday 18th June 2017

Last year, MCTC supporters raised approximately £5,000.00 by walking 15 miles round the beautiful Wirral coast.

This year, we would like to DOUBLE that!!

As you know, MCTC receives no statutory funding and is desperate for funds to maintain and develop our service offering low-cost and no-cost counselling to those in need. People suffering from mental health issues often wait for long periods for services which may or may not be available. MCTC offers short waiting times and longer sessions, in a calm and welcoming, non-clinical environment. MCTC also offers 24/7 suicide prevention care.

Please would you help us to continue this vital work?

Please would YOU, and maybe your family and friends, WALK to help raise


for MCTC’s


Supporting MCTC to provide 1,000 therapy sessions + 24/7 suicide prevention care throughout 2017

So far 6 people have signed up but we know there are many more of you out there who are keen walkers (or runners) or who like a challenge…

There is still plenty of time to get those walking boots out and to get fit!

If you would like to walk with us, you could add your own story and start getting sponsors straight away on our JustGiving page to Start Fundraising.

You can also download and print a sponsorship form from the link below for all your technophobe friends so you don’t miss out on any donations!

You will need a form anyway to register on the day.

If walking really isn’t your thing, you could organise or take part in another event instead – just add your story to the JustGiving page in the same way and involve your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours in your coffee-morning/crochet marathon/skydive/doughnut eating challenge/cold water swimming/sponsored silence/or…

If you have a look, you can see what other folk have done.

Hoping to see you on 18th June

Thank you in advance – however you are able to contribute to MCTC’s campaign. We really appreciate it.


The Wirral Coastal Walk is organised by the Rotary Club of North Wirral and aims to raise £300,000.00 for local charities this year.


PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE.

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Supporting our Crowdfunding Campaign


See our Crowdfunding campaign

EACH year, hundreds of people in the North West take their own lives.

Yet mental health remains the poor relation when it comes to health funding.

People’s natural impulse to fill this gap in local services has led to charities taking on much of the responsibility for helping people who are suffering with poor mental health and on the brink of suicide.

Mersey Counselling and Therapy Centre, a charity based in New Brighton, was set up in 2011 to help people in the grip of real pain and distress through their mental illness.

The centre’s professional counsellors and therapists work with people suffering from depression, anxiety, bereavement, addiction, and suicidal thoughts.

Their founding philosophy was that everyone who needs help should have it, no matter what their ability to pay. And that’s the basis they’ve been operating on for six years.

But keeping their doors open costs money, and the centre has to work incredibly hard to raise this money.

The centre has launched a crowdfunding appeal to help them continue this vital work for our community.

They’re calling their campaign “Pain is real but so is hope.”

The appeal will fund at least 1,000 hours of counselling throughout 2017.

They’ll also continue their unique suicide prevention scheme which offers every client at risk of taking their own life 24-hour access to their own therapists, for 365 days of the year.

If you would like to support MCTC’s campaign, might you please contact Angela O’Connor on 0151 639 0400 or angela@mctcwirral.org.uk?

Please help if you can so more people can get help and support.

PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE.

See our Crowdfunding campaign

Original Article - Wirral News
Original Article – Wirral News

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