There is an enormous need for MCTC and organisations like it who recognise that many of the world’s and individuals’ difficulties stem from a loss of meaning and hope in life – these being very different from purpose and wishful thinking.

Purpose, though important, relates only to my relationships, roles and responsibilities in life – all of these are likely to change during the course of my life and that change may leave me feeling lost and hopeless.

I have meaning in my life when I recognise and am connected to the inner core of my being, my true self, that deep presence that exists both within and beyond me – and hope stems from this.

At MCTC we frequently use the words that you will see in most of our literature,

‘Everything will be alright in the end; If it’s not alright, it’s not the end’

And it holds a truth – we might equally have chosen Mother Julian of Norwich’s mantra,

All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.’

Both express true hope – a deep belief in the goodness of myself, others, the world and indeed the whole universe.

All who are involved in MCTC are consistently committed to deepening their own sense of meaning so that we can work together to help those who may, temporarily, have lost that connection in themselves.


Below are statements of our Vision and Mission.

You can read MCTC’s full Statement of Philosophy by clicking here



MCTC aims to foster a deeper vision of life in which personal hurts present possibilities for growth on the journey towards a full and abundant life. MCTC recognises and addresses the whole person in each individual and therefore takes a holistic, humanistic and integrative approach to therapy. MCTC rejects the ‘labelling’ of any person or group whether by age, race, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation, medical/psychiatric diagnosis or any other criterion and meets each person as a unique individual who is always more than his or her current difficulties. Beyond this, MCTC presents opportunities for the exploration of the spiritual, intuitive, intellectual, feeling, emotional and physical aspects of the person and for the integration of these aspects in each individual as a basis for social harmony and community commitment.



MCTC’s objectives include the achievement of KNOWING in a total, personal and experiential way beyond merely the acquisition of intellectual, sequentially learned knowledge.

As well as a growing programme of courses, workshops and CPD training, MCTC provides a fully professional counselling and psycho-spiritual therapy service to those in need, with particular emphasis on those who find themselves marginalised or disadvantaged in society. MCTC also offers Breath of Life Workshops on a regular basis.

At MCTC, Life is seen as a process, a becoming, a part perfection on the way to full perfection. Thus the models and methodology used within the Centre are designed to aid understanding of human personality and behaviour. Through personal journeys, working at the edges of imagination, through interaction with others, both individually and in group work, through regression and using humanistic, integrative and eclectic approaches in therapy, MCTC offers a space for reflection on experience, leading to greater depth of understanding and so to opportunities for integration and growth.

MCTC offers a wide range of services (counselling, psycho-spiritual accompaniment, couples counselling, workshops, training, group therapy, meditation etc) for members of the local community and others, further afield, both those who can afford to pay for services and those who cannot.

Simply, MCTC represents a place for people who want to change or to continue to change As Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman once stated:

‘To live is to change and to be perfect is to have changed often’

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