Aviva Community Fund


DEADLINE Tuesday 21st November

Hello to All our MCTC Friends and Supporters

Guess What…….


…Just for a few moments of your time.

PLEASE PLEASE VOTE FOR MCTC in the Aviva Community Fund

We need LOTS MORE Votes to get us to the final where we stand to gain up to £10,000.

This has to be the cheapest way for you to support your favourite charity…

Just a few moments of your time to register on the Aviva website and VOTE for MCTC’s Nurturing Nature Garden

If you are interested in the project, here is a taster of what it’s all about – you can read more on the Aviva website

the plan is to transform the garden space at the back of our premises into a beautiful, peaceful haven where adults can relax & be still, perhaps in preparation for their therapy or to gently recover afterwards (sometimes therapy can be hard work!). They might also get involved in the fruit & veg area, growing produce to eat or sell to raise funds for the centre. Some individual client sessions could take place outdoors & clients may enter & leave the building through the garden, thus grounding them before they return to their daily lives.

One aspect will be a sensory area with plants carefully chosen for their scent, colour, texture & taste.

For children, the garden will take on a seaside theme, with a ‘beach hut’, a boat sandpit, barefoot sensory path – a great resource, especially those with difficulties such as autism or ADHD, to help them explore & become comfortable with different natural sensations like tree bark, sand, gravel, grass, leaves, pebbles, logs etc. It helps to promote a mindful attitude, keeping them in the present moment which reduces anxiety – all our anxiety is rooted in the past or the future so the whole garden will be a reminder to be present.

When you have voted, please invite all your friends and family, neighbours and colleagues to vote too – you can forward this email

Thank you so much

Our Aviva Community Fund Entry

Money tree


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