New MCTC Breath of Life Workshops And Integration Group Schedules For 2017-2018

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MCTC are pleased to announce that the new schedule for our Breath of Life Workshops for the 2017-18 season is now available on the website.

For those of you new to Breathwork, the details of this amazing, powerful and transformative therapy are available our webpage

In planning the new schedule, we have tried to make Breathwork as accessible and available to as many people as possible whilst maintaining clear boundaries between therapists and clients.

We have introduced two One Day ‘Healing of the Spirit through the Breath of Life’ Workshops which may appeal to some ‘first timers’ as an introduction to the concepts and practice of Breathwork. They may also be of interest to anyone who has limited time availability. The October Workshop is for Therapists only and the March one is for Non-Therapists only. If the one for Therapists does not have viable numbers, it will be opened to Non-Therapists.

And we have kept our usual Three Day ‘Healing of the Spirit through the Breath of Life’ Workshop in June 2018. This is open to both therapists and non-therapists with priority being given to clients (ie if a therapist and their own client both apply to the workshop, priority will be given to the client).

We have kept costs as low as possible and we are offering some concessions. All fees for Workshops may be paid in instalments by arrangement.

As many of you will know, we also offer monthly Breathwork Integration Groups for anyone who has taken part in Breathwork at the Centre. These are opportunities to continue your interior journey within a facilitated group with people who have shared the Breathwork experience.

We are continuing these groups but, as you will see from the schedule on the website, they are now divided into groups for therapists and non-therapists – again to maintain boundaries. Whether you are a therapist, non-therapist or client, you will be able to attend at least four Integration Groups per year as well as at least one Workshop. As with the Therapists’ only Workshop, if any of the Therapists’ groups are not viable in terms of numbers, they will be opened to Non-Therapists.

We are hoping that this new approach may widen our reach and make this powerful, healing therapy available to many more people throughout the year.

For more details see our webpage

Or email

Cost £350.00 to include light lunch on all three days. Payable in instalments if required.


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