Walkers Needed!!

See our Crowdfunding campaign

To Walk the Wirral Coastal Walk



On Sunday 18th June

Hello Everyone!

We know a lot of you are keen walkers and that some of you would like to be a little keener than you are, so …

Here’s an opportunity for all …

Challenge yourself to walk all or part of the Wirral Coastal Walk and raise desperately needed funds for MCTC.

Here’s why:

  • The need for our services is growing all the time and, at present, we can’t keep up with demand.
  • Each counselling session we provide costs MCTC at least £15.00.
  • We are currently providing around 70 sessions per week.
  • Whilst we have capacity for at least double that, we do not have the funds.
  • We are also providing 24/7 suicide prevention care for all of our clients who have any suicidal thoughts or feelings.

Please would you join us on the walk and contribute to our crowdfunding campaign, PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE.

Last year we raised an impressive £5K. How about helping us to double that…

If you would like to join us, just go to our PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE campaign, and click on Start Fundraising.

Add your story and some pictures (people love pictures!!) and then share it on your social media, send emails to all your contacts, tell your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues – in fact, everyone you have ever met!!

And then watch your donations roll in.


If you can’t, perhaps you would consider

  • Donating to the campaign
  • Sharing this, especially the link, with all your contacts
  • Raising funds in other ways (see the other campaigns within the main page (Coffee/alcohol abstention, cycling Lejog.. .free your imagination!)

Thank you so much.

Anything you can do to support MCTC is very much appreciated by all the team and especially by those who need our help.

PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE.

See our Crowdfunding campaign

Money tree


You can also follow us on social media by pressing these links: Twitter, Facebook.

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