Bill’s Story


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I decided to go to MCTC because it’s been hard to know how I really feel about things. I know I worried a lot and kept to myself. The loneliness was getting worse and a neighbour told me about the centre and helped me to set up an appointment.  I could never talk easily to people so art therapy was offered. I liked the idea of making something rather than talking.

The therapist was friendly and helped me to get started because I hadn’t drawn or painted much since my schooldays. I was a bit worried about getting things wrong or making a mess.

As time passed, I really looked forward to the sessions. I liked painting, using different colours, making clay models and even making messy art. It helped me to understand it’s ok to feel angry and frustrated sometimes. I could talk better this way. I suppose I felt safe.

The sessions also made me see things in a different light and that some things that happened to me as a child were not my fault. This helped a lot. I started to speak up for myself more instead of thinking I was wrong all the time.

I have met some new friends and I am coping better because I don’t bottle things up quite as much as I did and I get myself out more.

PAIN IS REAL BUT SO IS HOPE – Please Help MCTC to provide HOPE.

See our Crowdfunding campaign

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