Pain is real, but so is hope.



We are beginning a campaign to raise £25,000 to provide 1000 therapy sessions for people suffering from mental and emotional pain & distress. Including 24 hour service for people feeling suicidal. Their pain is real, let us provide hope.

To get involved with our crowdfunding campaign is simple.

You just need to go to our crowdfunding website, decide if you want to donate directly or to fundraise on our behalf, and then just follow the instructions.

We are using JustGiving as the service to support our crowdfunding campaign, so its familiar and safe.

If you wish to donate, you’ll need to have a JustGiving account. This is simple to create and will also come in handy for any future charities you wish to support.

When it comes to payment you have an option of using a credit or debit card, or PayPal … this is up to you.

If you are a taxpayer, you can select the gift aid option and then the tax chappy will send us some more money … Whoop!

If you want to fundraise, all you need to do is think of your fundraising activity, again visit our crowdfunding website, select the fundraising option and then follow the instructions. Again you’ll need an account, but after that it’s just a matter of completing some details like why you are raising money for MCTC and what you will be doing as your fundraising initiative.

Once you have complete this you will be offered a chance to add this to your social media feeds so that others can support you … It’s that simple.

So, to all of you who are tempted to help us, give into the temptation and go for it … the money is essential to the great work MCTC does.

If you need more convincing go to our client stories page on our website, and see the impact of our work. We’ll be updating the stories during our campaign between now and the end of April.


See our Crowdfunding campaign

Money tree


You can also follow us on social media by pressing these links: Twitter, Facebook.

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