Gerry’s Story.


I lost my job and soon my marriage fell apart.

I’d been drinking heavily and I lost contact with my children.

I’ve always had a short fuse and my temper could be violent too. So eventually I ended up in trouble with the police and went to jail.

When I came out, I had no money, no job, no family and no chance of getting anything back. I hit rock bottom.

I found my way to MCTC. I couldn’t afford the full cost but they helped me out anyway and I paid what little I could.

It was hard at first. I’m not much good at talking. But after a while – quite a long time really – I learned how to do it. I really got to understand myself for the first time in my life. I wish I’d done it earlier. Who knows, maybe I wouldn’t have lost so much.

I’m getting things back on track now.

It’s been hard but the people at MCTC just wouldn’t give up. It’s really friendly there. Nobody judges you or makes you feel like a failure. It’s a bit like going home.

Things are getting better for me. I’ve found a job and I’m sticking at it. I know I can be a good dad too.

MCTC have made it all possible. 


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