Breath of Life Workshop


Thursday 14th – Saturday 16th July 2016





Working in expanded states of consciousness in order to access the deeper aspects of our humanity has been practiced in various forms for centuries by most cultures and traditions the world over. Some common methods of achieving an expanded state of consciousness include dancing (Sufi whirling dervishes), drumming (many African, American Indian and Eastern cultures), sleep deprivation and extended periods of fasting (mystics and ascetics in many religious traditions), meditation (Buddhist and many other traditions) and accelerated deep breathing…

Breathwork in Expanded States of Consciousness, as practised today at MCTC, is an experiential approach to therapy which enables us to get in touch with our own spontaneous healing processes by unblocking the energy that can become blocked when we are exposed to any kind of trauma, particularly when this occurs in the early stages of our lives. Sometimes we will not even be consciously aware of traumatic experiences which, nevertheless, affect our lives and how we live them. This is especially true of events that may have happened before or around the time of our birth.

When we are hurt or traumatised, we frequently employ psychological defences and resistances to prevent ourselves from fully experiencing the pain and/or fear of the experience. These defences serve to prevent us from becoming overwhelmed by such events and enable us, to some extent, to continue living our lives. Typically, we achieve this level of defence by restricting our breathing. This, in turn, restricts our ability to feel and thus our ability to live full, peaceful and fulfilled lives.

Increasing the rate and depth of breathing enables us to loosen those defences, leading to a release and emergence of unconscious and super-conscious material. Using deep abdominal rather than the more usual thoracic or upper chest breathing, significantly enhances this process.

Although Breathwork is particularly helpful in helping us to heal from traumatic events, it also enables us to expand or consciousness into the deeper and transpersonal aspects of our being and people who have engaged in Breathwork frequently describe profoundly moving and transformative experiences.

At MCTC, Breath of Life workshops include periods of fast, deep, vigorous breathing, during which powerful feelings and experiences may emerge and be released, as well as relaxation, time to talk about your experience, artwork, journaling and meditation as the beginning of integration and assimilation of the work.

If you would like to experience this transformative workshop, please click here for more information and application form.


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