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Why the MCTC Way Works

Anyone who has tried to access help or support for depression, anxiety, bereavement, addictions, suicidal thoughts or feelings or any mental health issues for themselves of a friend or family member will be all too familiar with the difficulties and hurdles to be overcome –

  • Resources are scarce
  • Waiting times can be up to 18 months
  • Private therapy can cost from £30.00 – £120.00 per session
  • Often people are not taken seriously or, worse, they are met with discrimination in a variety of forms
  • Frequently, they are offered medication which can exacerbate their condition – anti-depressants are known to cause suicidal thoughts and ideation in some people
  • If people do manage to access therapy, this often takes place in a clinical or non-dedicated setting

All of the above is fundamentally Anti-Therapeutic.

The word ‘Therapeutic’ comes from the Greek ‘therapeutikos’ meaning primarily, ‘to do service, take care of, provide for’ and from the more modern Latin, meaning ‘healing or curative’


We believe that access to counselling and psychotherapy should be available to anyone who needs it and that it should be accessible quickly and affordably.

We believe that people who take the courageous step to seek help (not easy in a social and cultural climate that stills largely ignores, marginalises, isolates and stigmatises and discriminates against people who are seen to be suffering from mental ill-health), should be met quickly and efficiently, with warmth and openness and should be supported until their difficulties have been resolved or overcome.

We believe Anyone presenting for counselling or psychotherapy is entitled to expect service, care and provision and, crucially, a positive change in their condition as therapy progresses.

For all these reasons, MCTC offers a service that addresses these issues and offers true therapy from the moment someone makes contact with the Centre.

Here are some of the ways in which MCTC is different:


Anyone contacting the Centre is offered an introductory appointment within 2 weeks and an appointment with their allocated therapist within 2 weeks of that appointment


This offers people the time to work with the roots as well as the symptoms of their problems or issues


There is no limit on the number of sessions that a person can have at MCTC – Therapists stay alongside their clients until people feel ready to move on. This enables each individual to fully engage with their own unique process of change, without artificial time limits


MCTC offers this service to individuals for whatever each person can afford


Private, comfortable, fully equipped, dedicated therapy rooms

That is how the MCTC Way works


Everything will be alright in the end;
If it’s not alright, it’s not the end

Money tree


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