Happy Easter from MCTC




To me, Spring always feels like a new beginning, a time for clearing out (Spring Cleaning), making space for a fresh start and getting round to all those things I have been putting off…


  • Clearing my desk (some of you have seen my desk so you will know what I mean!)
  • Catching up with friends and family
  • Getting fit for summer
  • Planting out those flowers I rescued from the garden centre three weeks ago

I know that many of you often think about supporting MCTC but haven’t always got round to doing the thing that needs to be done to make it happen so…

How about making it happen over the Easter Weekend by…

  • Deciding to WALK THE WALK – the Wirral Coastal Walk – with and for MCTC on 12th June or sponsoring those who are walking
  • Signing up to EasyFundraising to support MCTC with any online shopping you do (doesn’t cost you a penny but MCTC gets free donations) and EasySearch (same principle – MCTC gets a small donation every time you use EasySearch as your search engine)
  • Saving your small change in a jar or box for MCTC – it’s surprising how it adds up!
  • Making a monthly standing order donation to MCTC
  • Including MCTC in that will that you have been meaning to write


to all our friends, therapists, clients and supporters and


If you are able please take this opportunity to support MCTC in providing low cost and no cost, ongoing, open-ended therapy to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay.



Money tree


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