Happy Easter from MCTC




To me, Spring always feels like a new beginning, a time for clearing out (Spring Cleaning), making space for a fresh start and getting round to all those things I have been putting off…


  • Clearing my desk (some of you have seen my desk so you will know what I mean!)
  • Catching up with friends and family
  • Getting fit for summer
  • Planting out those flowers I rescued from the garden centre three weeks ago

I know that many of you often think about supporting MCTC but haven’t always got round to doing the thing that needs to be done to make it happen so…

How about making it happen over the Easter Weekend by…

  • Deciding to WALK THE WALK – the Wirral Coastal Walk – with and for MCTC on 12th June or sponsoring those who are walking
  • Signing up to EasyFundraising to support MCTC with any online shopping you do (doesn’t cost you a penny but MCTC gets free donations) and EasySearch (same principle – MCTC gets a small donation every time you use EasySearch as your search engine)
  • Saving your small change in a jar or box for MCTC – it’s surprising how it adds up!
  • Making a monthly standing order donation to MCTC
  • Including MCTC in that will that you have been meaning to write


to all our friends, therapists, clients and supporters and


If you are able please take this opportunity to support MCTC in providing low cost and no cost, ongoing, open-ended therapy to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay.



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Happy St Patrick’s Day


Shamrock v1




Some of you know that MCTC has based its ethos and way of working on Dublin and Castlebar Counselling and Therapy Centres in Ireland and owes a great debt of gratitude to Dr Jim O’Donoghue and his team.

Jim offered us the most amazing, patient and consistent support while we were setting up the Centre and never even blinked when we said things like, ‘We have found a building but we don’t have any money’. He would just say, ‘All you need is a few good people with real commitment and the money will come’…… and it did!!

We opened MCTC in Martins Lane in Liscard in June 2011. Over the next few years, Jim and many others from his teams in Dublin and Castlebar provided us with ongoing training and continued to support our venture.

5 years on, we have moved into larger premises and have 10 therapists working with us and capacity to grow even more.

So, Today, we are reflecting on our connections with Ireland with great gratitude as we look forward to the future of MCTC and we want to take this opportunity to say a


and to wish a





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Wirral Costal Walk Update

Wirral Coastal Walk



First a BIG, BIG THANK YOU for agreeing to WALK THE WALK!!

I hope you are all in the process of getting fit – I’m starting by trying to do my 10,000 steps a day – which is more of a challenge than I had imagined!! (8343 so far today!).

There are currently 16 of us (including Poppy) who are planning to WALK and we are hoping to raise at least £100.00 each (which would cover just over a month’s rent). Of course, if we can raise 2 or even 3 months’ rent – that would be BRILLIANT!!


GETTING SPONSORS – which is, of course, the main aim of the WALK….

  • If you haven’t already done so, please would you set up JustGiving page – it’s really easy and takes about 10 minutes. Start at http://www.JustGiving.com and follow the instructions.
  • When you have done that, send the link to your page to everyone in your email address book
  • AND
  • Post it on all your social media networks
  • You will also need to download and print off a paper Registration Form from http://www.rotary-ribi.org/upimages/clubfiles/1089/WCW16_Reg+Sponsor_Form.pdf
  • This doubles as a sponsorship form for any of your friends and family who have not yet entered the digital age.
  • You will need to bring this with you on the day to register.
  • Unfortunately, MCTC will not (officially) be able to pay your entry fee (£5.00) as, if we do, we cannot then claim the Gift Aid. If the fee is a problem for anyone, let me know and we will refund it to you as gift!We will keep in touch with you over the next 3 months and there will be more detailed instructions re: where and when to meet, car parking, what to bring etc nearer the time.

    In the meantime, HAPPY TRAINING!!

    And a few sacrifices, burnt offerings and orations to the Weather Gods may not go amiss either!

    I look forward to seeing you all on the day


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Wirral Costal Walk


Tailored Therapies

Sunday 12th June

Plenty of time to get fit!!

  • We are hoping to gather a team of about 20 people to walk up to 15 miles.
  • Would YOU consider joining us and raising funds for MCTC?
  • Perhaps you have a friend or family member – or dog – who would walk with you – they can get sponsors too….
  • I (Angela!) will be doing it with POPPY again – some of you may have sponsored her 2 years ago when we thought she didn’t have long to live – Well, she is still with us and is hoping to walk about 5 miles,
  • You can walk 4, 10 or the full 15 miles.
  • It’s a great day out and a brilliant opportunity for fundraising for the Centre.
  • If you want to participate on the walk you can register using the following link… and it you want to walk with our group just let us know by leaving a comment below.
  • We have set up a JustGiving Page to make it easy for your sponsors – you just have to go to https://www.justgiving.com/merseycounselling-therapycentre/ and set up your own page linked to ours – let us know if you have any difficulty with that.
  • If you can’t walk with us, maybe you would help us to get more sponsors by sharing this with all your contacts and through your social media.


Please SHARE This as Widely as You Can



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You can also follow us on social media by pressing these links: Twitter, Facebook.