MCTC 2017 Calendar


I know – we have only just entered 2016 and you are only on the first page of your MCTC 2016 Calendar – but we must think ahead!!

Many of you will have seen or maybe owned an MCTC calendar in previous years, or even in this current year. We hope you have enjoyed the photos and artwork that our friends, therapists, supporters and clients have so kindly contributed.

For the last three years, we have distributed approximately 200 calendars – some are bought at fairs and events, others by friends and supporters and others are distributed to local businesses and organisations who have supported MCTC in one way or another.

Each month, we use the calendar picture as our profile picture on Facebook and Twitter – we have approximately 1000 followers on social media and we plan to send it out through our distribution lists (approx. 500 and growing) each month too as well as showing each picture on the website each month.

The theme for next year’s calendar is TRANSFORMATION and we already have a few pictures ready to go in it.

For 2017, we are inviting local businesses and organisations as well as individuals to SPONSOR A MONTH (details of costs below).

This way, we hope to make the calendar pay for itself, raise some funds for the Centre and increase the circulation as well as offering local businesses and organisations the opportunity to support MCTC and to promote their services in the local community and beyond.


Exclusive Front Cover (eg ‘MCTC 2017 Calendar sponsored by MacHenry’s Flooring’) Larger Logo, Company Name etc:                          £50.00

Guaranteed exclusive page/month    (choose your month – first come, first served)

Your logo, company name and web address:                         £40.00

Shared page/month (choose your month – first come, first served)

Your logo, company name and web address:                        £25.00

Money tree


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