Some find the whole Christmas season difficult …

I don’t know about you but most people I meet, both professionally and socially, either love or hate Christmas – I don’t know many who feel neutral about it.

Either way, there is the whole media circus that pipes Christmas at us from TV, radio, shops, internet, social media etc starts earlier each year – telling us that Christmas is a ‘good time’ for all and, if it isn’t – Well, what’s wrong with YOU?

Buy this, subscribe to that, buy this for your kids or they won’t feel loved like their mates, these twinkly lights will make you feel good, what about filling up the freezer and on and on…

It’s in schools, churches, shops, cafes and on the streets as well

The message is loud and clear – YOU SHOULD FEEL GOOD AT CHRISTMAS.


Christms Stress

How does that feel to someone who is struggling…?

  • To pay bills
  • With suicidal thoughts
  • With impossible life circumstances
  • Living in a hostel or B&B
  • With violence or abuse in their lives
  • With exhaustion
  • With a toxic or hostile family
  • With grief for a loved one
  • To take care of children or a sick or elderly relative

Struggling with these burdens as well as being told implicitly that your approach is not Christmassy when you are at your wits end is uncomfortable and wearing. Especially when Christmas now starts in September …

Christms Stress v1

At MCTC, we don’t hate Christmas or it’s deeper meaning but we see many, many people for whom life is a daily or hourly struggle for many different reasons and Christmas, for them, can be just another burden to add to all the others.

So, this year, we are claiming MONDAY 21st DECEMBER, for anyone who is finding Christmas difficult for whatever reason – maybe you are just sick of the whole thing!


Join us for our NON-CHRISTMAS DAY


Whatever your reason for needing time off from Christmas,

WE PROMISE for one day

  • NO Carols
  • NO Decorations
  • NO Mince Pies or Christmas Cake
  • NO Tinsel or Ribbons


  • Time to relax and be
  • Chill out rooms
  • Relaxation sessions
  • Art Therapy
  • Hot drinks and Home Made Cake.
  • Complementary Therapies
  • People to chat to
  • Places for solitude
  • Time for YOU

Could you donate to support our NON-CHRISTMAS DAY on #GivingTuesday as well all the therapy that we provide throughout the year?

Money tree


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