Your Support is Essential …



We continue to provide 1,000s of hours of counselling to people who have an immediate need for support but who are either unable to access this through the NHS in a timely manner or who cannot afford the fund private access to such support.IMG_1857 v1

We supplement our charitable activities through various fundraising activities e.g. holding workshops, training counselling professionals, direct fundraising from the public, charitable events etc etc.

We recently moved premises as a response to increasing demand for our services, the world as you know places daily pressures on us all. This move has increased our capacity to help, and in response we have increased the number of supporting counsellors willing to contribute to support our mission.

For all our efforts, a primary source of funding remains the generosity of spirit of people to can identify with the needs of our IMG_1860 v1clients and who are prepared to support us in providing much needed care to people within our community.


As you can see the facilities we provide are safe, comfortable, secure and conducive to providing an environment that will help our clients.

Additionally we have experiential therapy rooms and art therapy facilities, such that clients can begin to express themselves in ways that match their needs.

Our hope is that you will be able to donate to us to help support our work. You can do this using the following link to our website.

Please continue to support us and keep us in your thoughts.

Money tree

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